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At the very first signs of a cold - that old, familiar tickle in your throat - we all know exactly what to expect: An irritated, runny nose that just won't stop and nasal skin made red, raw and itchy due to constant nose-blowing and wiping. After a short while, even the softest facial tissues can feel like sandpaper. As nasal passages become congested and swollen, breathing through your mouth makes lips chapped and painful - then, to top it off, one good sneeze can make already dry lips crack and bleed. It's no wonder common cold sufferers prefer to simple pull the covers over their head and try to sleep through it!


Head cold sufferers aren't the only ones who experience these types of nasal problems. For the nearly 40 million Americans suffering from seasonal nasal allergies, indoor nasal allergies or other environmental nasal allergies, these same symptoms can last for weeks or even months at a time! For many unlucky seasonal allergy sufferers, airborne tree, grass or plant pollens are often the culprits. For others, mold, mildew or dust from carpet or furniture can cause a runny, itchy nose and its accompanying irritations on a daily basis. Still others have year-round allergies to pet dander and other environmental factors.


One thing is certain: whether nasal irritation is due to common cold, or flu, or nasal allergies, blowing and wiping a sore, red nose all day is painful and frustrating, and most creams meant to moisturize the hands or body are not intended for use on already raw, tender facial skin.


While Boroleum® is not a cure for your cold, allergy or other disorder, it can help minimize suffering caused by cold or allergy symptoms! Boroleum®'s gentle, doctor-recommended formula soothes, moisturizes and protects nasal passages and skin made raw by wiping or blowing. Applied topically to these affected areas, just a little dab of Boroleum® helps relieve nasal redness, irritation and discomfort. Boroleum® soothes nasal discomfort and helps relieve itchy nasal passages. Boroleum® moisturizes cracked nasal skin at the tip of the nose, upper lip and around irritated facial skin. Boroleum® even soothes and protects dry, cracked, chapped lips caused by cold or allergy symptoms.


Boroleum® is great for the whole family: Boroleum®'s ingredients are so mild and gentle it can safely be used for toddlers as young as two years old. Little wonder that four generations of American families have come to rely on Boroleum® Ointment for soothing relief of nasal irritation. Cold or allergy symptoms can strike at any time of year, so be prepared: stock your medicine cabinet or purse with Boroleum® today. Visit our "Where to Buy" page for more info on finding Boroleum® near you.




Hot, Dry, Low Humidity

People living in hot, dry climates commonly suffer from dry nasal passages or 'dry nose' as the hot, dry air they breathe strips nasal passages of natural moisture, becoming uncomfortable and frustrating. Likewise, travelers or vacationers who are unaccustomed to the drying effects of hot climates may experience such symptoms when visiting coastal, desert or mountain areas. Nosebleeds and dry, chapped lips are also common in hot, dry climates.


Nasal discomfort due to hot, dry conditions is not limited to residents of any one region. Nationwide, millions of people live in homes or work in offices heated (or often over-heated) by radiators or forced-air heating which can dry out or irritate nasal passages.


Boroleum® Ointment provides gentle, soothing relief of nasal problems caused by dry or low-humidity conditions. Its active ingredients moisturize dry nasal passages, soothe sore nostrils and can help seal and protect dry, cracked skin surfaces and chapped lips against the effects of heat and sun. Boroleum® is even gentle enough for children as young as 2 years old, making it a perfect multi-purpose, go-anywhere remedy for the entire family - whether playing at the beach, 4-wheeling in the desert or simply spending time at home or the office.


Do you have Boroleum® on hand? If not, visit our "Where to Buy" page for purchasing info.



Windy/Frigid Conditions

For millions of Americans, spending time in the great outdoors is a way of life. But people who work year-round in industries such as construction, farming, law enforcement, forest management and utilities know firsthand that when the temperature drops, comfort can be hard to come by. Skiers, hikers, snow boarders, boaters, kayakers, bicyclists, surfers and other outdoors enthusiasts also know the perils that accompany harsh weather conditions.


If you work or play in a region with extreme seasons, you're no doubt well aware of the effects of frigid temperatures and harsh weather. In frigid conditions, even people who are otherwise completely healthy may experience irritated, swollen nasal passages (or "Rudolph-nose"), a persistent case of cold-weather "sniffles", dry, raw skin caused by incessant nose-blowing and chapped lips. For some, windburn can also be a problem. Windburn is caused by a combination of low-humidity, windy conditions and/or very cold temperatures. This cold, dry weather strips exposed skin of its natural oils, leaving it red, dry and sore, and in severe cases can feel as painful as a sunburn. Most often, people get windburn on their faces and children are especially at risk in wintertime, as they spend long hours bicycling, ice-skating, sledding and playing outdoors.


For good reason, Boroleum® has been considered a Wintertime staple in American homes for over a century. Its mild, effective formulation provides gentle, soothing relief of many cold-weather nasal symptoms. Boroleum® moisturizes nasal passages and gently coats and protects raw, sore noses against winter's chill. It soothes and protects wind burned skin and cracked or chapped lips.


Its gentle formula is safe enough for children as young as two years of age, and can be used year-round.


Do you have Boroleum® on hand? If not, visit our "Where to Buy" page for purchasing info.




Adverse Air Quality

While their job descriptions may vary considerably, many American workers are exposed to fumes, smoke, dusty air and stale, unpleasant odors on the job - all factors that can contribute to nasal dryness, discomfort or irritation.


Firefighters, miners, ranchers and construction workers often develop nasal discomfort due to dust, smoke or chemicals or industrial materials. In other fields such as medicine, sanitation, janitorial services and plumbing, unpleasant odors and adverse air quality can be a daily challenge. For frequent flyers such as pilots, flight attendants and passengers, "dry nose" - due to constant recirculation of dry, filtered air is a common complaint. Millions more spend hours each day - on or off the job - in poorly ventilated offices, stuck in traffic on smoggy freeways or cooped up in crowded subway trains. The list of environments that are less than ideal in terms of air quality goes on and on.


If you experience any of these conditions on a regular basis - on or off the job - Boroleum® Ointment may be just what you've been looking for. Boroleum® can offer soothing relief of nasal irritation or "dry nose" caused my many common environmental factors. Moreover, when applied to the nostrils, Boroleum® gently moisturizes dry nasal passages, and its mild, refreshing menthol/eucalyptus scent can be used to effectively mask stale or foul odors - a huge benefit for healthcare workers, laboratory technicians and even rescue personnel (for example: thousands of tubes of Boroleum® were donated to help September 11th rescue and recovery workers to cope with their uniquely trying, dusty, smoky working conditions).


For generations, Americans have considered Boroleum® a "must-have" product for the relief of nasal irritation or discomfort. It is formulated to be safe and gentle enough for year-round use, in any kind of weather. Whether you keep a tube in the glove compartment of your pick-up truck, your parka or your purse, Boroleum® quite simply helps you feel your best.




Chapped Lips & Cheeks

Dry, cracked, or chapped lips can be an unattractive and painful problem year-round. Winter winds can sting the face and cheeks as well as the lips, and dehydration can be hard to combat as the summer temperatures rise. Everyone suffers with them on occasion, but products that satisfactorily provide relief are few and far between. Boroleum® ointment has over a century of proven results as a skin protectant, and its combination of mild, soothing ingredients gives chapped lip sufferers the comfort they seek time and time again.

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